we are about the simplicity of regaining and maintaining your privacy

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We produce in 4 locations: Germany, Slowenia, China and India. At all locations, a certified production according to ISO guidelines of the automotive industry are ensured.


Regain control and security over the digital world. In the first step, we install common sense. In the second step, we offer advice and products for the re-creation of digital privacy, combined with the protection of personal rights.


In everyday life we ​​experience unfounded confidence in the safety of stationary and mobile devices.
As longtime security consultants, we ourselves have little to no trust in hardware and software without a thorough review.
It takes simple and verifiable safe-haven solutions to rebuild trust.
In many cases, there are surprisingly simple and workable solutions. We advise, develop and produce these solutions.

about us

We are working in the IT security area with our team for more than 25 years. In this time we have developed and implemented software solutions in the automotive and financial sector. Especially in the field of implementation at external companies such as financial service providers, we quickly noticed the catastrophic state of all security-related issues.
Creating confidential spaces in the physical and digital realms has become more and more our task.
Especially when dealing with mobile devices, there are simple and 100% effective ways to achieve confidentiality. We also started to manufacture the products ourselves with our requirements for quality and usability, together with affiliated companies.
In the best sense of a system house, over the last 10 years, we have created a highly competent team and network for all issues related to confidentiality, security and privacy.
Today, our customers include many companies from the DAX top 50 in the following sectors: pharmaceutical companies, automotive OEMs, banks, central banks, military and services in the countries DE - AT - CH.